Happy New Year Friends!!

This week we're hosting a 4-day sale to thank all of our friends for a great year! We’ll have a bunch of sale wines out for sampling, all for $2 or more off our regular low prices. Everything in our store is always under $15, so with an extra $2 off you can’t afford to miss this sale! The wine tasting is complimentary so hurry in before we’re sold out!

Thursday, January 2nd from 4 to 7 PM

Friday, January 3rd from 4 to 7 PM

Saturday, January 4th from 1 to 5 PM

Sunday, January 5th from 1 to 5 PM

Here’s the wines we’ll have on sale Friday-Sunday (we’ll have some open for sampling, and the others will be available for purchase at the discounted price, but not available to sample—we want to make sure you can drive home safely):


We’ll sample these 8 wines:


2017 The Crossings Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand) $10.5 Take $2 off—ONLY $8.5!!!

Pink grapefruit, mineral, lime, grass, tropical fruit, and floral

This is the kind of wine that would order a basket of wings and an omelet just to see which would come first.


2016 Walking Dead Chardonnay (California) $14.95 SALE $5   67% OFF!!! Take an extra $2 off—ONLY $3!!!

Oak, lemon, peach, and caramel

This wine is scary good…and has an app to prove it!!


LIMITED QUANTITY: 2014 Roscato Pinot Grigio (Italy) $13 SALE $9.75   25% OFF!!! Take an extra $3.25 off—ONLY $6.5!!!

Tropical fruit, Meyer lemon, and pear

This tough Italian Pinot Grigio doesn’t mind being mugged, but prefers stemware if given a choice.


Beringer Main & Vine Dry Rosé (California) $6 Take $2 off—ONLY $4!!!

Light body with strawberry, raspberry, pink grapefruit, and citrus

If this wine were a Power Ranger it would definitely be Pink!


NEW WINE: Bacio della Luna Pinot Rosé (Italy) $13 Take $2 off—ONLY $11!!!

Raspberry, strawberry, citrus, and floral

This sparkling rosé is cracklin’, like so much Neil Diamond.


LIMITED QUANTITY: 2014 Nomade Pinot Noir (Argentina) $13.5 Take $2 off—ONLY $11.5!!!

Bright cherry, black pepper, and leather

The “Picard Maneuver” of wines.


Cave and Cove Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon (California) $7.5 Take $2 off—ONLY $5.5!!!

Cherry, chocolate, plum, spice, and pepper

This wine is splendid. So who is this Splen and what is it that Splen did?


2016 Loteta Campo de Borja (Spain) $11 SALE $9.75  11% OFF!!! Take an extra $2 off—ONLY $7.75!!!

Berry jam, earth, dark chocolate, and pepper

This wine is so stunning, you’ll be looking to see who has the taser.


And also a few others will be on sale (but not sampled):


2016 Phantom Chardonnay (California) $14.75 Usual SALE $11.75   20% OFF!!! Take an extra $2 off—ONLY $9.75!!!

Refined French oak, apricot, orange zest, green apple, pear, vanilla, caramel, and banana

This wine is scary good…and has an app to prove it!!


LIMITED QUANTITY: 2017 Eisacktaler Müller Thurgau (Italy) $21 SALE $14.5   31% OFF!!! Take an extra $2 off—ONLY $12.5!!!

Mineral, green apple, citrus, almond, and floral

This wine is terrified whenever sausages are served—it always hopes for the best, but secretly fears the wurst.


2016 Joe’s Crab Shack Chardonnay (Chile) $10.5 SALE $9   14% OFF!!! Take an extra $2 off—ONLY $7!!!

Green apple, tropical fruit, butter, and oak

A true “butterface” wine—just close your eyes and worship


2015 Penfolds Koonunga Hill Chardonnay (Australia) $9 Take $2 off—ONLY $7!!!

Tropical fruit, lemon, butter, and oak

If your accountant warns you you’re too far in the red, you might want to consider switching to this delicious white.


2016 Walking Dead Sauvignon Blanc (California) $14.95 SALE $5   67% OFF!!!   Take an extra $2 off—ONLY $3!!!

Mineral, grass, peach, lime, tropical fruit, and butter

Glenn Rhee makes more sense on a wine bottle—beer has way too much head. (Too soon?)


Emma Pearl Rosé (California) $12 SALE $6   50% OFF!!! Take an extra $2 off—ONLY $4!!!

Raspberry, watermelon, cranberry, and citrus

This is the Mother Theresa of wines…whatever that means.


2017 La Nevera Selección Especial Rosé (Spain) (ORGANIC) ($22 for a 3L box = 4 bottles = $5.5/bottle) Take an extra $4 off—ONLY $18!!!

Light body with mineral, strawberry, and lime

Claim to Fame: This wine has never lost a chess match!


JP. Chenet Rosé Dry (France) $11 Take $2 off—ONLY $9!!!

Dry sparkling wine: Light body with red berries, peach, rose petal, and mild citrus

You might need therapy to help you get over how tasty this wine is.


VERY LIMITED QUANTITY: JP. Chenet Brut Blanc de Blancs (France) $11 Take $2 off—ONLY $9!!!

Dry sparkling wine: Light body with green apple, pear, and mild citrus

This wine is as ironic as an Alanis Morissette song.


LIMITED QUANTITY: Portell Brut Cava (Spain) $9.75 Take $2 off—ONLY $7.75!!!

Fine creamy bubbles with raspberry, lime, and floral

If this wine is your cup of tea, you’ll be happy to know it’s socially acceptable to have tea with breakfast.


LIMITED QUANTITY: Stiletto Prosecco (Italy) $9 Take $2 off—ONLY $7!!!

Fine creamy bubbles with pear, almond, and lemon zest

This is a kidnapping wine—that’s the best time to drink it.


NEW WINE--LIMITED QUANTITY: 2012 Enzo Boglietti Dolcetto D’Alba (Italy) $21 SALE $14.75   30% OFF!!! Take an extra $2 off—ONLY $12.75!!!     

Black cherry, dark berries, earth, and pepper

This wine tastes like it’s old enough to vote!


VERY LIMITED QUANTITY: 2014 Pizzolato Merlot (Italy) (ORGANIC) $13 Take $2 off—ONLY $11!!!

Earth, pepper, bright/sour cherry, oak, and dark chocolate

The medical school of wines—it churns out MDs like you wouldn’t believe (MD=Merlot Drinker, of course!)


VERY LIMITED QUANTITY: World’s Edge Cabernet Sauvignon (Australia) $8 Take $2 off—ONLY $6!!!

Earth, sour cherry, and black tea

This wine is monusane—way more desirable than monumental (unless you like the crazy). 


VERY LIMITED QUANTITY: 2013 Obergo Finca La Mata (Spain) $13.5 Take $2 off—ONLY $11.5!!!

Earth, pepper, cherry, and espresso

This wine wants you to know it’s not fat, it’s full-bodied.


2018 La Nevera Selección Especial Red Blend (Spain) (ORGANIC) ($22 for a 3L box = 4 bottles=$5.5/bottle) Take $2 off—ONLY $18!!!

Earth, white pepper, red currant, dark cherry, and raspberry

Guaranteed to not reverse gravity!


NEW WINE--LIMITED QUANTITY: TVM Fantasy Strawberry Daiquiri (Texas) $17 SALE $12   30% OFF!!! Take an extra $2 off—ONLY $10!!!     

Strawberry and almond

They say that's the San Andreas fault, but this wine doesn’t think it's anybody's fault--these things just happen sometimes.